Photo by Junior Teixeira from Pexels

In the past decade, I began a new business on the internet. After an introduction in the late ’90s, I knew it would become my passion.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, I successfully transplanted to Los Angeles and began a 30 year career in the film business. It was a glorious time, but eventually I tired of film sets and became fascinated with what was happening online.

I specialize in designing and developing WordPress websites. But I don’t restrict myself to design. The blend of design, marketing, and business is where I feel I excel. Your website should translate into economic value for the products and services of your business.

Through research and insight into the audiences your business is serving, I can help to identify the values of your target clients. Then, by developing branded aesthetics and the right site design, your audience will enjoy the best user experience.

I began building websites by teaching myself to code in HTML. Inevitably, coding moved into more interactive programs and I discovered the flexibility of WordPress. Though it is very user-friendly, my coding ability serves me well. I also became very active on social media sites and use this expertise for the benefit of my clients.

On a personal level: I’m a passionate jogger and weight trainer, am very happily single, have two irascible kitties, and love to work on side-projects which enhance people’s lifestyle & health.